Why does working with FirstSchool make a difference?

FirstSchool is a systems approach to early schooling for children 3- to 8-years-old, developed through a collaborative partnership among families, schools, communities, and institutions of higher education. We help schools move beyond simplistic solutions to complex problems and we are focused  on improving the school experiences and outcomes for African American, Latino and low income students.  

Our partner schools share the mindset that real change requires time and willingness to grapple with philosophical and practical issues through regular reflection and a willingness to ask hard questions about what works, what does not, who it works for and who is left out.   FirstSchool focuses on collaboration, the use of data and inquiry to guide and monitor change efforts, and a commitment to seamless education across the PreK-3rd grade span. FirstSchool respects schools as individual communities that must rely on, utilize, and value their knowledge of the needs and challenges of the children and families they serve. We help schools use data, as a springboard for revealing the successes and challenges they face, and initiating conversations about practices and policies, and specifically their effects on African American, Latino and low income students.