Articles & Books

Please check out some of our publications below.  Links to online access or more information have been provided as appropriate.

Selected Books:

Clifford, R. & Crawford, G. (2008). Beginning school: U.S. policies in international perspective. New York: Teachers College Press. (Order here)



Howes, C. & Ritchie, S. (2002). A matter of trust: Connecting teachers and learners in the early childhood classroom. New York: Teachers College Press. (Order here)



Ritchie, S. & Gutmann, L. (Eds.).  (2013). FirstSchool: Transforming PreK-3rd Grade education for African American, Latino, & low-income children.  New York: Teachers College Press. (With chapters by numerous FirstSchool team members)



Selected Book Chapters:

Gillanders, C., Iruka, I., Ritchie, S., & Cobb, C.T. (2012). Restructuring and aligning early education opportunities for cultural, language, and ethnic minority children. R.C. Pianta, S. Barnett, L. Justice, & S. Sheridan (Eds.), Handbook of Early Childhood Education. New York: Guilford Press. (Order here)

Ritchie, S. Bredekamp, S., & Maxwell, K. (2009). Rethinking early schooling: Using developmental science to transform children’s early learning experiences. In O. Barbarin & B. Wasik (Eds.). The handbook of developmental science and early schooling: Translating basic research into practice. New York: Guilford Press. (Order here)

Ritchie, S., Clifford, R., Malloy, W., Cobb, C., & Crawford, G. (2010). Ready schools.  In S.L. Kagan & K. Tarrant (Eds.) Transitions for young children: Creating connections across early childhood systemsBaltimore, MD: Brookes Publishing. (Order here)

Ritchie, S., Maxwell, K., & Clifford, R.  (2007). FirstSchool: A new vision for education. In R. Pianta, M. Cox, & K. Snow (Eds.) School readiness and the transition to Kindergarten in the era of accountability. Baltimore, MD: Brooks Publishing. (Order here) 

Selected Journal Articles:

Barbarin, O., & Crawford, G. (2006). Acknowledging and reducing stigmatization of African American boys. Young Children, 61(6), 79-86. (Online access info here)

Chang, F., Crawford, G., Early D., Bryant D., Howes, C., Burchinal, M., Barbarin, O., Clifford, R., & Pianta, R.  (2007).  Spanish-speaking children’s social and language development in pre-kindergarten classrooms.  Early Education and Development, 18(2), 243-269. (Online access info here)

Chien, N. C., Howes, C., Burchinal, M., Pianta, R. C., Ritchie, S., Bryant, D., Clifford, R. C., Early, D., & Barbarin, O. (2009). Children’s classroom engagement and school readiness gains in prekindergarten. Child Development, 81, 1534-1549. (Online access info here)

Early, D., Iruka, I., Ritchie, S., & Barbarin, O., et al. (2010). How do Pre-Kindergarteners spend their time? Gender, ethnicity, and income as predictors of experiences in Pre-Kindergarten classrooms. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 25, 177-193. (Online access info here)

Oertwig, S. & Ritchie, S. (2013). Bright and early. Principal: Early Learning.  September/October 2013. (Tools for providing a seamless education for PreK-3 learners; Online access info here)