Discussing Data with Teachers - Starting with Strengths

Sam Oertwig discusses a teacher's growth while looking at data about children's experiences in this teacher's classroom.  At the start of the discussion, they compare data from the first "Snapshot" of this teacher's classroom to data from a second "Snapshot" of a typical day. Sam starts from a place of strength by pointing out areas where this teacher has made great strides, including reducing the amount of time students spend transitioning from one activity to the next.

  • How does Sam open up the discussion in order to build from this teacher's strengths?
  • How does Sam connect the discussion to concrete outcomes for students?
  • If applicable - think about your own classroom.  Can you name a few specific examples of how your strengths as a teacher can be directly related to improved classroom experiences and learning outcomes for students?  is there an area of your teaching that you would like an observer to focus on, so you can gain more precise information about how time is being spent in your classroom, and how that impacts students' experiences? 
  • If applicable - think about how you lead discussions of data with teachers.  How would you characterize discussions that result in the productive use of data about classroom instruction?  What conditions help facilitate conversations that lead to optimal professional development and reflection?